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Become a Guardian Family!

Every breeder makes decisions on how they will perpetuate their breeding program into the future. Some families elect to find caring homes for their females once they are done breeding and others continue to add an increasing number of females to their home.

At Sweet Cream Goldens, we believe every dog should be raised in a loving home and being a Guardian Family is an excellent way to welcome a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever into your forever family! Since we do not kennel dogs, to continue our breeding program we rely on trustworthy, caring individuals who are selected to participate in our Guardian Program. This ensures that all of our future breeding dogs will be raised as a family member in a loving home environment.

The majority of our Guardian Homes acquire their puppies at 8 weeks of age; however sometimes we have an older female or male available.  The adoption fee is reduced to $500 for Guardian Families. Your puppy will be the first or second “pick of the litter” and in exchange we retain breeding rights for the life of the Guardian Contract, which is 4 breedings.


Our Guardian Homes are an integral part of our Sweet Cream community, and we value their partnership greatly!  We would love to have a conversation with you if you are interested in becoming a Guardian Family.  We are currently accepting applications for future female puppies!

For the birth of each litter, females return to Sweet Cream Goldens for 7 weeks. Guardian Families are welcome to come visit a few times while puppies are growing. For each litter, you will receive a financial gift from Sweet Cream Goldens which starts at $1,000 in appreciation for allowing your female to participate in our Guardian Program and increases with each litter.


Prospective Guardian Families fill out an application and are generally required to live within a 3 hour drive of Spokane, Washington. As a Guardian Family, you will be responsible for the dog’s well being including: vet care, immunizations, socialization, proper diet, exercise... and most importantly, lots of love! Any costs related to health testing and breeding will be the responsibility of Sweet Cream Goldens. If the dog does not pass her health clearances, she will be spayed at the Guardian’s expense and retired from our breeding program. After the dog is finished with their breeding career, she will be spayed and she will continue living out the rest of her life with her Guardian Family.

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