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Poppy - "Sweet Cream Puddles of Love"

Poppy is a daughter of one of our favorite Sweet Cream pairings! She is relaxed, outgoing, friendly, great with kids and has a nice long body with a kind face and a sweet temperament!

Nike - "Sweet Cream Nike Just Do It"

We love the name and we love the look! Nike has a beautiful build with a feminine blocky head and beautiful coat. Whe is kind, relaxed, gentle and loves to be with kids or adults.

Basil - "Sleepysong Taste of Love"

Basil is imported from Europe and she is an english cream that likes to go for a walk or a short hike. She loves being outside and enjoys being close to your side. She has an ideal "companion personality" and you won't go wrong with one of her upcoming puppies!

Sylvie - "Sweet Cream Sylvie Princess"

With a creamy white coat and soulful eyes, Sylvie is a beautiful English Cream!  She has a gentle demeanor. She's affectionate, playful, intelligent and high on companionship. She brings warmth and joy wherever she goes.

Brie - "Sweet Cream Strength of Brie"

Brie is a beautiful female. With warm eyes and a people pleasing demeanor she is an incredible companion.  We can't wait to meet her next litter of puppies! 

Hailey - "Sweet Cream Hailey's Comet"

Hailey is the ultimate definition of a retriever! She is loyal and doesn't want to leave your side. She loves love and just can't get enough of it! She is so smart, wants to learn new things and catches on quickly to new tricks and routines.  

Tessa - "Sweet Cream Tessa Joy"

Tessa is a total sweetheart! She has a relaxed personality with a beautiful feminine look. She has a beautiful white coat with soft eyes and a big, affectionate heart! 

Daisy - "Sweet Cream Days of Daisy's"

Daisy is a gorgeous, white-coated female with a kind temperament. She is the daughter of two of our long-time breeding favorites, Scout and Crystal. We think you'll be excited about welcoming one of her future pups!

Berkley - "Sweet Cream Berkley Meadows"

Berkley is a lovely English Cream female with a fun personality and a beautiful feminine build. A daughter of Danny and Stella, and a whole lot of fun! She is extremely sweet and wonderfully loyal to her family.

Kyah - "Sleepysong Taste of Love"

Kyah is a lovely female imported from Europe.  With a nice silky coat, she is a gentle, sweet and very well-mannered young lady. She smiles and wags her whole body when she's happy. She loves people, children and other dogs. Her cuddles and bonding nature make her a really special girl. 

Tabby - "Sweet Cream Tabatha Beauty"

Tabby is a beautiful daughter of two of our all  with a relaxed and sweet personality. She loves to be by your side and is such a kind dog. Like most Goldens she is fantastic around people and other pets. 

Lily - "Sleepysong Karlynn"

Lily is a beautiful female with a nice full coat and great lines. She loves people, going for walks, has a gentle personality, and she's great with kids.  

Indy Rose - "Sweet Cream Grace Of Indy Rose"

Indy Rose is a sweet female with a beautiful head and gorgeous eyes!  She has soft features and often gets complimented on her beauty. She loves being near "her people" and gets along well with other pets.

Sofie - "Sweet Cream Sofie Pearl of Wisdom"

Sofie a is beautiful girl from one of our all time favorites, Stella Hope. She is a playful, energetic, loving companion.  She’s  always ready for a walk, a swim in the pond, or a cuddle and belly rub.  She is very social and eager to befriend everyone she meets.  

Kea - "Sweet Cream Kea Cloud"

Kea is the daughter of one of our all-time favorite Sweet Cream pairings! She is a beautiful English Cream with a silky white coat, nice long body and sweet, people-pleasing personality. She is intelligent and loves spending time with people. 

Basil - "Golden Romance Majesty"

Basil is our lovely girl from Serbia. She is a smart and silly girl who loves to snuggle, and could play all day with anyone, especially kids!

Pepper  - "Sweet Cream Lady Pepper"

Pepper is a beautiful female with kind eyes, a warm heart and a lovely build. She's laid back, enjoys being with people and easily makes new dog friends!

Indy - "Sweet Cream Indy Classic Girl"

Indy is a beautiful female with a the personality to go with her looks! She is wonderful with kids and all people, and she is especially gentle and loving. 

Spirit - "Sweet Cream Spirit of Love"

Spirit is the sweetest! She has a gentle personality, loves going for walks and hanging out with her family! She is an excellent companion and quickly becomes best friends with people and pets!

Indiana - "Sweet Cream Lovely Meka"

Indiana is an affectionate english cream with a warm personality and a calm demeanor. She gets along great with pets and people, and she comes from a line we have loved for years. We can't wait to meet her future puppies!

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