Our Ladies...

Opal - "Sweet Cream Opal Moon"

Opal is a sweet female with a beautiful creamy white coat who loves to be near your side. She has a nice blocky head with beautiful feminine features. We absolutely love her look and temperament. 


Bella - "Bluebells de Zelkova"


Imported from Spain, Bella is a beautiful white coated English Cream with a silky white coat, nice long body and sweet, people-pleasing personality. She is very smart, loves to play fetch and enjoys being close to your side.


Maggie - "SweetCream Maggie Doll"

Maggie is beautiful female with a fun and friendly personality. She is very attentive to people and enjoys being with anyone who will spend time with her! She has a beautiful creamy white coat with a nice feminine blocky head. 


Wallace - "Diana Ross Anima Candida"

Wallace was imported from Europe as a puppy. She has an affectionate personality, warm face and friendly disposition. We can't wait for her puppies into the future!


Sophie - "Avanzar's Jelly Belly"

Sophie is our lovely female imported from one of the great breeders we work with in Spain. She's sweet, kind-hearted and gentle. She has a silky white coat and loves to be with people. 


Stella - "Lady de Zelkova"

Stella is a total sweetheart. If you have family of little's, she's your girl. Imported from Spain, she has a beautiful white coat with soft eyes and a big, affectionate heart! 

Sophie Grace - "Orchid White De Zelkova"

Sophie Grace was born in Spain and comes to us from one of our favorite international breeders!  

Stella Hope - "Sweet Cream Stella Hope"

Stella Hope has a fantastic look with a beautiful white coat and long build. She is the daughter of Ellie and Scout! She is fun, sweet, inquisitive, obedient, and loves companionship.  

Starla - "Starla Golden Beauty"

Starla is a beautiful American Golden owned by our breeder friend, Sarah. Her vivacious personality is shown in her gate. She loves people, especially children, and will take all the attention she can! This will be a co-owned litter with our wonderful male Danny. Their first two litters were spectacular! 

Gypsy's is from a wonderful breeder we work with in Croatia. She has a relaxed personality and beautiful, feminine blocky head. She's kind, smart and naturally obedient. 

Gypsy - "Mae West Anima Candida"

Hatley - "Shiny Pearl Sleepysong"

Hatley is our sweet female from Serbia and a sister of Oaklee. She is sweet  playful, athletic, and loves to be with kids.

Bailey - "Lady in Red Anima Candida"

Bailey is our sweet female imported from Europe. She is gentle, relaxed and loves to be by your side. We are grateful to have her as part of our breeding program as her puppies have proven to be fabulous companions!

Sadie - "Golden Romance Ginger Rogers"

Sadie is a beautiful female from Europe. Her and Abby are sisters. Both have beautiful white coats and wonderful personalities. Sadie loves to romp and play and enjoys the land and the water!

Abby - "Golden Romance Greta Garbo"

Abby is imported from Europe as well. She's a classic companion with a lovely temperament and kind nature.  She has such a loyal and sweet personality.

Ellie May - "Donatella Versace Anima Candida"

Ellie May  is our beautiful girl from Croatia. She enjoys attention, likes being close to people and has a sweet disposition. Fun fact: She and Wallace are sisters..

Jazzy - "Bellefleur De Zelkova"

Jazzy is from Spain, and let me tell you... she is so much fun! With a sweet personality and beautiful eyes she is a gorgeous English Cream Golden and going to be a wonderful mom!

Scout - "Primrose De Zelkova"

Scout is another one of our sweet females from Spain. She is a people pleaser and enjoys getting and giving affection. A true golden with a lovable temperament!

Oaklee - "Shiny Moon of Sleepysong"

Oaklee is our sweet female from Serbia. She is a therapy dog and an ideal companion!  She is kind, relaxed, gentle and loves to be with kids or adults.

Ellee - "El-Lewise Wilson Nelso"

Ellee is a beautiful female owned by our breeder friend, Tiffany. She has a near white coat and sweet personality. We are so excited for her to have puppies with our male, Jack!  It's going to be a terrific litter. . 

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