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It is a pleasure to introduce ourselves to you. We are a family breeder with a huge love for English Cream Goldens located just outside of Spokane, Washington. We have been breeding English Creams for just over 13 years, and we truly count it an honor and a privilege to help homes find their next beloved companion!


Growing up with dogs always in the home, we were first introduced to Golden Retrievers long ago.  However, as Heather likes to put it, when we learned about English Creams it was "love at first sight!"

If you are new to English Cream Golden Retrievers, let us tell you a little about them. These dogs are fun loving, smart, gentle, playful, yet calm... the perfect family dog. They are very similar in most ways to the American Golden Retriever, but they tend to have a blockier head, a calmer temperament, a creamy near white coat and studies have shown they are less susceptible to common health risks such as cancer and hip dysplasia.  We believe you will fall in love with our Sweet Cream Goldens with their loyalty, affection, beauty, and intelligence.

It is rooted in our love for these perfect pets that we have chosen to raise them and allow families like ours the joy of experiencing the sweet companionship they have to offer.  

Orth Family.jpg

From Spokane to Seattle to Portland to Boise to Bellevue to Denver to Anchorage to Phoenix to Fresno to Reno to Boston to British Columbia to San Francisco to Los Angeles, to Ft. Lauderdale and lots of cities in between, it's exciting to watch the Sweet Cream Family spread out to wonderful homes! Thanks again for visiting our website and we hope to talk with you soon. 

Our Family

Bart serves as a lead pastor in our city, and we are all actively involved in many aspects of community life. Heather enjoys being able to stay home to raise our kids and puppies! We have 4 sons: Manny, Ben, Abreham, baby Canyon and a daughter, Galilee. We love sharing life together, building memories, chasing dreams and contributing to others in meaningful ways. We live on almost 2 acres with plenty of room for our family and puppies to play. We hope you'll come visit us some day!

Whelping Families

Since we began breeding Goldens, our aim has always been to raise puppies in ideal situations where they receive lots of love, attention and healthy stimulation. As part of the Sweet Cream team, we have a few wonderful families that serve as Whelping Homes. They are trained and experienced in raising puppies, and we work closely with them over the first 7 weeks while puppies are in their care before transitioning back to our home. Thank you to our whelping homes for the wonderful care you provide to our Sweet Cream Golden's moms and puppies!

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