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How to maintain the energy of your Golden!

While Golden Retrievers are very affectionate, they also are energetic dogs! They love being pampered, they enjoy going on family adventures, and they are usually always up for a good play session! They are not as active as some breeds, but their energy level does have to be supported to maintain their lifestyle and health!

Here are the few factors that will help you maintain the energy of your golden companion:

1. Do mental activities with your Golden.

Retrievers are intelligent dogs! To keep their brain active, you should play mental games with them like hide and seek or even some reward-getting (treat) games. Through this, you will grab your dog's attention, they will be entertained, and you will be able to improve their concentration!

2. Engage them with some physical activities

The most efficient and effective way to maintain your dog's energy is by keeping them busy with appropriate physical activities. It is highly encouraged for goldens to have a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day! Retrievers are an active breed that can play for hours; that’s why it is important to take them on a walk or play fetch for a minimum of half an hour otherwise, they might become restless and a little too hyper. Doing some type of physical activity daily with your golden retriever not only helps maintain their energy level, but it also gives you a great opportunity to build a great bond with your furry friend!

3. Keep them engaged with chew toys and treats.

If you have a busy schedule, one way to help channel the energy of your Golden is to purchase some high-quality chew toys! Sometimes goldens with the right chew toy become their own best friend. With the right toy, not only will they move around with it a bit, but they won’t get bored easily. Various chewy toys are available in the market that even help dogs gain focus and maintain attention for a long time!

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