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How to maintain the ideal weight of a Golden!

Every golden retriever is different, and therefore so is their ideal or healthy weight! So when you are trying to maintain an ideal weight you should stay focused not on the exact number on the scale, but on other indicators that will help you access overall health.

Here are some thoughts on how your Golden should look, and through this, you will be able to determine the proper health of your furry companion:

  • When you are standing over your golden looking from the top, there should be a good line from their shoulders to their hindquarters without their stomach or ribcage sticky out.

  • The waist and hips should be defined. You should be able to run your fingers over their ribcage and still feel ribs. You want them to have a reasonable layer of skin and fat, but if you can’t feel ribs easily you may need to increase their exercise or begin scaling back their calories.

  • If all you feel is ribs and there is a very small layer of skin and fat in between, it may indicate that your pet is underweight and needs to increase its caloric intake.

Factors that influence the weight of a Golden

Of course, many factors are responsible for the weight of your golden. Here are some of the realities that will impact the ideal weight and overall health of your Golden:

1. Genetics

A primary reason many goldens are overweight or underweight could be genetics. Genetics play a critical role in determining your dog’s size and weight when fully grown. If your dog's parents suffered from obesity, thyroid, or any other diseases that led them to an unhealthy weight, then you need to take extra precautions by encouraging your golden to stay active, maintain regular checkups, and keep them on a nutritious diet recommended by your veterinarian.


A second reason behind your dog’s weight is its gender. Male English cream golden retrievers are ideally 1 to 2 inches taller than females and weigh around 20 pounds more when fully grown. You should expect a male to weigh around 85 pounds at two years of age and a female to weight around 65 pounds.

3. Lifestyle

Because golden retrievers have a high energy level and a very playful nature, this breed requires more exercise, not only to stay healthy but to keep them out of unnecessary weight gain due to low activity.

Here is how you can maintain a healthy weight for your Golden:

1. Eat Healthy Food

Always make sure that your dog has a healthy diet. A healthy diet completes all the nutritional requirements of your dog! We feed all of our puppies and adult dogs Life’s Abundance Nutrition, but there are lots of great brands to choose from. Do your research and choose high-quality food.

2. Avoid Over-Treating and Unhealthy Treats

Avoid offering too many unhealthy treats to your golden! Over-treating may increase their weight unnecessarily. Dog treat should only account for 10% of their daily calorie intake.

3. Exercise them daily.

Your golden has energy to burn off, so it is essential to help them move with physical activity. Go for a walk, play fetch, and take a short hike together. Through this, you will not only be able to maintain the physical health of your fur baby, but it will also help them attain good mental health.

To get healthy golden retriever puppies in Issaquah, or wherever you live, we at Sweet Cream Goldens would be honored to serve you. We have healthy puppies that come from great lines and receive lots of socialization and attention! Visit our website at: to explore future options.

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