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How to take care of your Golden’s fur?

Golden retrievers have a huge fan base! This breed is known for being loyal and affectionate. Perhaps the best thing about Goldens is that they are excellent family dogs, and they get along with children and other pets very well!

Another great thing about Goldens is that they have a very impressive coat! The coat of Golden is a two-layered coat with long, flowing, and gorgeous fur! The most beautiful moment is when you see them run. Movies and commercials love to do it in slow motion with all their beautiful fur waving in the air; it’s pretty stunning to watch!

Here is how you should take care of your Golden’s fur:

1. Brush your golden’s fur

Veterinarians recommend brushing your Golden’s coat a few times a week. Regular brushing will keep their shedding under control, and it also prevents their hair from unnecessary tangles. Another reason to do regular brushings is to help prevent your dog from harmful skin allergies and infections that are caused due to untangled fur!

Note: It is important to note that golden retrievers have 2 layers of coat - the fluffier fur is the undercoat, and then there is a top coat that is smooth and shiny. It is important to do deep combing to untangle both layers of fur.

2. Bathing is important for maintaining healthy fur.

Bathing is one of the essential components that will help you to maintain your dog’s fur. Many groomers recommend that you give your dog a bath twice a month, and others have a more relaxed approach and encourage you to give your furry companion a bath as needed. Whichever route you take, we encourage you to keep an eye on their coat and bathe them with regularity.

When bath/shower time comes, you should use a high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and serum to maintain the shine and health of the coat. Gently soak your golden’s coat with lukewarm water, then take a shampoo (recommended by your vet) and apply it gently on the fur. Rinse the coat thoroughly, then dry it with a large towel, and then allow your golden’s coat to air dry the rest of the way. After your Golden is dry, brush out their fur to smooth the hair and you can apply a bath mist if you’d like.

3. Visit the groomer occasionally for light trimming.

Trimming your dog’s fur is essential to maintain the growth of the coat. It not only makes them feel good, it makes them look good! If you are not trained in the trimming process, then you should get it done by a groomer, as a single cut can cause a lot of irritation! Plus, they tend to make your golden retriever look like a million bucks!

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