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Types Of Golden Retrievers: Why There Are Only 3 Kinds

One of America's most popular dogs, the Golden Retriever, is well known to all. Their perpetually wagging tails, beautiful golden hair, and smiling faces are readily recognizable. The American Kennel Club ranks the English cream golden retriever Seattle as the fourth most popular breed in the country.

You may be well aware of what a Golden is, and although some believe there are eight different varieties, did you know that there are just three, and they are all considered to be of the same breed?

Do Different Breeds of Golden Retrievers Exist?

The three official subtypes of English cream golden retriever near me are American Goldens, British (or English) Goldens, and Canadian Goldens, even though they are all considered one breed (the Golden Retriever). Although all three make great companions, they have unique differences, so consider which could be best for you and your family.

A Synopsis of the Golden Retriever's History

The first Goldens were bred in Scotland in the middle of the 1800s, and today's Golden Retrievers are descended from those originals. The Tweed Water Spaniel, Bloodhound, and Yellow-Colored Retriever were crossed to produce these Goldens.

America Golden Retrievers

The American Golden Retriever is likely the dog you picture when you think of family movies or your neighborhood pet store. People love Golden Retrievers for their loyalty and friendliness. They are also incredibly bright and eager to please.

They are fantastic pets for younger couples who enjoy various outdoor activities or families that can spend a lot of time playing with them.

Canada Golden Retrievers

American and Canadian Golden Retrievers are nearly identical.

In general, American Goldens and Canadian Goldens are the same breeds of dogs.

English Cream Golden Retrievers

British or English Cream Golden Retrievers descend from Europe. Though similar to American Goldens, they differ slightly.

English cream golden retriever Seattle are lighter than American goldens. They have a beautiful white or creamy white coat. Hence, some breeders call them "English Cream."

English Cream Golden Retrievers are loyal and smart. According to breeders, English Goldens have fewer hip and elbow dysplasia issues than American or Canadian Goldens. They also have a slightly blockier build with a beautiful, blocky heads.

What distinguishes English, Canadian, and American Golden Retrievers from one another?

The color tones are where there is the greatest visible difference. In general, English Golden Retrievers are whiter in color than American Golden Retrievers. Aside from color variations, an English Golden retriever has a wider head and a squarer nose. The Golden Retrievers from Canada are taller and slimmer.

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